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Architect UK (UK): An individual sat at their computer screen or drawing board, designing a unique or interesting structure like the Shard or the Sydney Opera House, is what most people in the UK visualise when thinking about an architect. In reality however, working as an architect isn't quite so glamorous, as the majority of their work is much more routine and involves the design of new build homes, loft conversions and office buildings, as well as preparing and submitting local council planning applications for a host of different building projects.

UK architects will sometimes also be involved in locating a suitable piece of land for a specific building project, choosing the right materials for construction, and develop strategies for safety and building regulations compliance.

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If you are doing an extension, loft conversion or other structural home improvement project in the UK, the likelihood is that you will be needing the specialist services of an architect at some stage. Now, you may be thinking that this is going to be costly, and if feasible might hope to proceed without this service, but this could be a false economy.

Fully accredited architects understand just about everything there is to know about construction, materials and building methods, however this isn't accomplished without considerable hard work and effort, and they can spend approximately seven years mastering their trade. In spite of the considerable costs of their services, seeking the advice and design expertise of an architect from the beginning, could actually save you cash overall. Inferior design and planning can result in costly re-builds and alterations, and there can also be a substantial wastage of construction materials if these are not calculated and ordered accurately.

Where most home improvement projects in the UK are concerned, householders will hire a builder first, and assume that the building company can put them in touch with a decent architect. But, this isn't the only way to hire an architect, and is not usually the best way, by any means. You will discover that everything runs more effectively if you approach an architect to discuss all your requirements first, you can then leave with a complete plan, which takes advantage of their design expertise and provides a list of specifications and materials, which can be followed by the builder.

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As they'll be provided with more detailed information about the types and quantities of materials required, this should make life easier for the building company and enables them to give an accurate estimate for the job, as they will not have to speculate about what is needed. They'll also have concise instructions about what's needed, with guidance on the recommended ways to proceed.

From the design and planning of a new home or assisting in the plans to extend your current dwelling, to offering professional advice on renovations that are required to breathe new life into a run down building in the UK, a fully qualified architect can help you in many ways.

From the very beginning of your project in the UK, an architect should be there to help you with plans and designs to suit your budget, and at the same time comply with the appropriate building standards and regulations. If you are in a scenario whereby you have already had plans drafted for the project, a qualified architect in the UK will be prepared to inspect your blueprints and shed light on any glaring issues or problems.

A collection of accurate and detailed technical building plans that can be used by your building contractors to construct or remodel your property in the desired way, will be produced by the architect once your design has been approved. To make certain that the budget is being observed, and that the plans are being followed properly, the architect will visit the location and mediate with the construction crew on a frequent basis, as the project continues. From 1st stage planning through to the last phases of construction an architect will work with the engineers, surveyors as well as the local council planning office to be certain that your renovation or building moves along as smoothly as possible.

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In the United Kingdom RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects) is the professional organization for architects. To give the best quality service to people in the UK and across the globe, RIBA offers guidance and advice on the work and ethical code that every architect should follow, together with providing would-be architects with a beneficial training platform. It requires 5 years of full time study and at least 2 years hands on experience before someone can register as an architect proper with the ARB (Architects Registration Board) and apply for RIBA membership.

Architects Fees and Costs - Architect's rates are traditionally based on a percentage of the total cost of the project, an hourly rate, a fixed fee or a rate per unit area of construction. Or it can often be any combination of these fee breakdowns. Architects rates for home constructions might incur charges of anything between 12% and 20% of the total construction cost, whilst renovation projects could possibly command an even higher charge (normally between fifteen and twenty percent). Architects fees for projects of a commercial or institutional nature will generally account for a lower percentage, usually four to twelve percent.

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Architect or Interior Designer? - Here at Architectz we're regularly asked "exactly what is the difference between an architect and an interior designer"? The answer to this question varies according to who you're asking, and for some the distinction is very clear, whilst for others these two professions merge and interconnect in different ways. In most situations, architects concentrate on the overall design of a building with regards to the shape - the external walls, the roof and the outer shell, while interior designers focus on the internal finish - the wall surfaces, the floor finishes and the furnishings. To confuse things even more, there are also 'interior architectural designers', who mostly work on a building's internal structure - the flow of internal space, the spatial planning and the thermal qualities, but still need to be properly qualified. Their work aims to be aesthetic, but also functional.

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